About Woodland Park

Woodland Park is the most populous city in Teller County in the state of Colorado. The city is considered a Home Rule Municipality, one of 61 cities in Colorado that follow the same law. Home Rule cities are self-governing and may choose whether they are considered a city or a town. Woodland Park is considered a commuter city, where residents usually live in one place, but work in a bigger city. Most residents of Woodland Park choose to commute to nearby Colorado Springs, a bigger city that offers more job opportunities.


Woodland Park is often referred to as “The City Above the Clouds” due to its location above sea level. The city is used to clear skies, even when neighboring towns are rainy or overcast. The city has what is considered an Alpine climate, because of its high elevation. Residents enjoy warm, but mild summers that are topped off with colder nights. Winters are typically very cold, with numerous days and most nights below zero degrees. A perk of Woodland Park’s high elevation is the lack of surprises in the weather. Rapid weather change is not common in the city.


Woodland Park residents enjoy the geographical beauty of the area by hiking, walking, biking, and fishing. The city has beautiful views of Pikes Peak and the Rampart Range, both parts of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Woodland Park is also known for their luscious landscaping, hundreds of trees, and big, blue skies.