Woodland Park Neighborhoods

Woodland Park is a small city in the state of Colorado. With a population of about 7,000, the city is the most populous of Teller County. Woodland Park is split into two constituent neighborhoods, Route 24/Paradise Circle and City Center. The city has a great quality of life, largely because of the fact that the city is considered a “bedroom community,” and most people commute to Colorado Springs for work. The neighborhoods in Woodland Park are great places for families. Children are well taken care of with the great public school system in the city and the parks in town encourage outdoor activity. The crime rate in Woodland Park is lower than the national average, furthering the high quality of life in the city.


The Route 24 neighborhood is considered suburban. Most of the homes in the neighborhood are newer, medium or large sized, though there are a few smaller apartment buildings as well. The City Center neighborhood is also considered suburban. Most of the homes in City Center are smaller than the ones in Route 24 and there are far more apartment buildings. Overall, both constituent neighborhoods in Woodland Park are friendly, relaxing, and great for families!