Woodland Park Nightlife

There is always something going on at nighttime in Woodland Park. Though the community is relatively small compared to some of its neighboring big cities (Colorado Springs, for instance), there is enough to do in Woodland Park that no one needs to leave to have a good time. Here are a few of the best nightlife activities to participate in while in Woodland Park.


The Historic Ute Inn is one of the best restaurant and bars in the city. Known for their delicious steaks and perfectly crafted beverages, the Historic Ute Inn is a local favorite. The inn serves as a great place for the family earlier in the evening, but doubles up as a great night on the town for you and your friends. The Historic Ute Inn is also home to some of the best live music performances in town!


At the Crystola Roadhouse, Woodland Park residents will enjoy delicious food, great drinks, live music, and friendly customer service, well into the night! Crystola offers everything — burgers and beer, coffee and breakfast burritos, onion rings, and coleslaw, and more! The live music will be the highlight of your night out! Crystola Roadhouse has music┬áranging in all genres from local to internationally known performers! You will love it here.


If you are less interested in drinks, music, and dinner during your night out, head to Gold Hill Theatres. The movie theater was built in 1975 and has brought excellent cinematic experiences to the community ever since. Even more impressive than a typical movie theater, Gold Hill is known for their gluten-free, fresh popcorn! Come on in for the best new film and a delicious bag of popcorn!